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Fear (2018)
Passion Fruit & Nick's Story

Protest Art

While hacking away at my dream to become a horror filmmaker I stumbled upon an opportunity to make some horror-music. Rage/Rave to be exact. This was an unexpected path but when the chance presented itself, I took it. I look forward to continue making horror films and only wish to express myself as an artist in the best ways I can. 

Writing and directing movies has always been the goal, as a creator I can't stop working, even if movies aren't economically possible in that moment. Song writing came later, but naturally to me. I come from a long line of very talented musicians, all of whom are better than myself, but they all imparted the tools and knowledge to help me craft my new project. 

Produced by the incredibly talented music producer and DJ, Equis 'X',  our new album will feature 8 brand new songs

We are 


Album title: 


Track List:

When it all Comes Crashing Down

New Normal

Why Are We (Like This)


What They Say


Why I Cry

Dial Up


New normal


Our first single NEW NORMAL is available NOW wherever you stream music. If you like what you hear, give us a thumbs up, share us with your friends, and be sure to follow Protest Art on Instagram for all future updates about this project/musical group. 

Want to Be in our music video?


We are shooting a music video for our first single, July 22nd in Melville, New York from 5PM - 10PM. If you want to be an extra in our video, message our Instagram account or apply on backstage: 


Listen & Download here

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About Me

Welcome to Scareworks Productions

Hello, my name is Samuel Ashkenazy, the founder of Scare Works. Since I was a child, I was a writer. I completed my first novel in second grade. As time went on, I became more and more fascinated with movies and their creation. By middle school I was interning at a local commercial production company. I stood in for actors, acted as script supervisor, production assistant, set designer, and a myriad of other roles before their doors closed in January of 2020. 


In my first year of college at Suffolk County Community College I formed a team of the most talented students I could find and self-produced my first short film “Fear.” Despite a warm reception, I was unable to send “Fear” to festivals due to family financial difficulties. Those same obstacles forced me to step away from college and re-group. 


The pandemic reignited my love for storytelling. I wrote an entire season for a “Halloween” spin-off television show and a feature length screenplay named “Passion Fruit.” Despite months of effort, unable to get “Halloween: Sanitarium” in the right hands, “Passion Fruit” became the driving force of my life. 


Once out in competition, “Passion Fruit” won at the Airflix Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Awards, New York International Film Awards, Multi-Dimension Independent Film Festival, and was a finalist at Cineplay. Reconnecting with Alessandro Imperiale from “Fear,” we worked to create a prequel short film to “Passion Fruit” entitled “Nick's Story” which we could show potential producers what the feature length script would offer. We premiered “Nick's Story” to a full crowd at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington on June 1st, we attracted the attention of multiple producers in the area only to be quickly foiled by the Hollywood strikes. 


During the strikes, some of the comments aimed at Hollywood writers scared me. They were mean spirited and angry, I wanted to change the tone. My attempt at doing that was to create “The Works,” a podcast to highlight independent artists working incredibly hard to make their work seen. In conjunction with my position at The Long Islander Newspaper, I have hosted interviews with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Abel, film historian Foster Hirsch, and “The Sopranos'' star Vincent Pastore. 


In December of 2023, I finalized the paperwork making Scare Works an official company. The winter has been long and full of hard work preparing a slate of content for our growing fan base. 2024 is going to be an exciting year for Scare Works. We are currently in pre-production on our first official short. Sign up for our newsletter and continue to check back on our social media for updates on ways to get involved.

Podcast Appearances



Other Podcast Appearances 

Movie Review Corner

Available for hire


Need someone to direct your material? With over ten years of industry experience, I bring a unique and intense visual flare to everything I direct. I will elevate your project to the next level.

Sound Mixer

Need sound? I've got you covered. Gear includes an H6 Recorder, 2x Sennheiser wireless lavalier microphones, and access to a boom microphone. I'm always on the move and ready to go on short notice!

On Set Assistance

From AD to script-supervisor, production assistant to teleprompter operator, I've done it all. If you need help on set, don't hesitate to call!

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