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Fear (2018)
Passion Fruit & Nick's Story

Passion Fruit & Nick's Story

Passion Fruit is the first screenplay I have competed in competition with. As fate would have it, just weeks after copyrighting it, it won Best Unproduced Screenplay at Airflix Film Festival on my birthday. Since then, it has competed internationally and won 5 awards.


  • Best Horror Screenplay - New York International Film Awards (NYIFA)

  • Best Feature Screenplay - Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA)

  • [Exceptional Achievement] Best Writer - Multi-Dimension International Film Festival (MDIFF)

  • [Exceptional Achievement] Best Unproduced Script - Multi-Dimension International Film Festival (MDIFF)

  • Best Unproduced Script - Airflix Film Festival 


Like any good writer, my characters are extensions of myself and the people I love. I care about them, and want the story told correctly. I knew I could not produce Passion Fruit at the level I wanted on my own, and without representation, getting a production company to back me was next to impossible. 


So my team and I went to work, crafting a prequel featuring the story of one of the main characters from Passion Fruit.


Nick's Story


Nick has done something horrible... unspeakable. Exiled from society, he walks the outskirts of town waiting for a sign, until one day... he finds one.


A magical tree with fruit capable of healing the worst wounds imaginable.  


Because of YOUR SUPPORT, we raised over $4000 and were able to produce Nick's Story. It is available for purchase below, and on our YouTube channel for free.   

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