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Hire me for your production!



Run Your Production

My earliest passion in life was telling stories. I am well educated in cinema history with a wide array of reference points to help bring your story to a vivid and striking reality. With over ten years experience, I know to how to run your set in a cost effective, and efficient manner, while simultaneously delivering the best image and performance from the actors and crew alike. My two short films Passion Fruit: Nick's Story and Fear were done on micro-budgets. With less than ten thousand dollars, Nick's Story achieves an impressive 42 minute runtime. I have had great success in and outside the festival circuit and hope to bring this to your project also.  

Pre-Production Fees are negotiable depending on the project, factors included but not limited to: travel, location scouting, and total hours.

Full Set Day (12 hours) - $450

Travel Fee for 25+ miles - $50

Assistant Director Full Set Day (12 hours) - $300

Travel Fee for 25+ miles - $50


On set recording

Although sound recording came later in my career, it has easily become one of my favorite positions on a set. With my ultra-portable equipment, I am the perfect person for your independent production. Tight indoor spaces or an open field, I'll make sure you hear everything. 

Full Day (12 hours) - $350

Travel Fee for 25+ miles - $50

Need to Rent the kit? (Full Day) - $250


H6 Recorder 

2x G4 Wireless Sennheiser Lavalier microphones

*Access to a boom microphone

*Boom is shared between myself and another associate, NOT INCLUDED in "Audio Kit." 



Manage Your Production

You have something you want to shoot but it's starting to become overwhelming. *Real* Film Production is one of the few art forms you simply can't do alone; you need help managing all of the elements. That's when I come in. After producing two shorts and assisting on a half dozen others, I've realized producing is one of the most creatively challenging and thrilling positions; being able to help bring your creation to life is as thrilling as seeing it for the first time. You need someone passionate about the filmmaking process who will allow you to focus on the important artistic details of your vision without getting bogged down by budgeting and paperwork. 

Rates negotiable based on scale of the production.

Event Host or Interviewer

Need a Passionate and Witty Personality?

Although acting never found me, the stage is in my blood. The best part of being in the arts is meeting other talented, interesting people with stories and work that have made a real difference. On my podcast The Works I have had a wonderful time interviewing many industry leaders and pioneers in the independent space and learning about their work and their journeys to the screen. Guests include Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos), comedian Joey Kola (In Conversation With), Gaylen Ross (Dawn of the Dead [1978]), Foster Hirsch (Author; 'Hollywood and the Movies of the Fifties'), Pulitzer Price Winning Journalist David Abel (Documentary 'In The Whale'). 


I always give a well researched interview with detailed and thought provoking questions for my guest. Need to interview the subject of your documentary, or you're presenting a film and need an event host; you need someone passionate about your work who knows how to ask questions and control a crowd.

Event (4 hours) - $200

Event Full Day (12 hours) - $400

Travel Fee for 25+ miles - $50

*Research Fee $50 may be added if more than 6 hours of background is required 

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